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HQ RIP V7.2 für Linotronic 260 300 330 530 560 von Highwater
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HQ RIP V7.2 für Linotronic 260,300,330,530,560 von Highwater

Fujistsu Siemens PC
Windows 2000 Server Lizenz, 5 User
PCI Karte für Linotronic
Dongle HQ RIP V7.2 für Linotronic 260 300 330 530 560 von Highwater

NEW HighWater is now shipping Torrent RIP v7.2 which contains many new features ensuring that the Torrent RIP remains at the forefront of the latest RIP technology. These new features include: support for Intel Machintosh, built in imposition, JDF 2.0 functionality, native PDF 1.6, PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 support, and font emulation. For more information please go to the foot of this page and click on Download where you should find Making Waves Torrent v7.2. This is a PDF document that gives more details of this new release.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY is available for Torrent v6 and v7 users to try options such as TrapPro. All the options specifically designed to enhance and improve the efficiency of the RIP can be tried free of charge; please contact our support department support@highwater.co.uk for a password.

Torrent is based on the Harlequin PostScript Level 3 Language compatible interpreter technology and is fast, robust and efficient, providing sophisticated printer set-up and previewing capabilities together with advanced error handling and intelligent media control. Furthermore, it gives you complete control and management of all RIP, device and output processes, whether on Mac or PC.

In-RIP Simple Imposition

A 2-up and 4 -up simple imposition option, together with an imposition manager and much more. A PDF explaining this option is available in the download section.

Try before you buy

Torrent users can evaluate options such as imposition, trapping, colour management, FM Screening, media saving and CIP3 before purchasing. Try Before You Buy is free, so users can take advantage of processing jobs, without a watermark and with no functional limitation, for a period of 45 days thus evaluating the RIPs many additional features at no cost.

Torrent v7 is JDF aware. The Torrent RIP now provides the ability to integrate into the latest JDF 2.0 compatible workflows with the purchase of additional software.

More control for faster throughput

Torrent gives you optimum productivity by RIPing and outputting concurrently. RIPed pages can be imaged directly, or sent to a queue as compressed files and, as new jobs are being RIPed, the queued jobs are automatically scheduled and sent to your output device. Queue management allows jobs to be prioritised depending on urgency. In addition, once imaged, RIPed files can be held in a compressed form to be imaged again without the need for re-RIPing. Torrent automatically decompresses JPEG/CCITT compressed images prior to processing, thereby reducing print transmission times.

Instant job acceptance

Torrents input buffer system allows immediate job acceptance. The rapid release of the job from the desktop leaves operators free to progress to the next job.

Consistent colour separations

Torrent supports user-defined calibration tables to ensure precise output of colour separations, time after time.

Intelligent media control

Torrents intelligent media controls help you to manage resources more efficiently. For example, the automatic page rotation feature finds the most suitable page-orientation to fit across the film width to give optimal plate or film usage.

Easy to Use

Torrent is now easier to use than ever. Its new toolbar gives quick access to actions previously available only from menus, and a status area shows whether the RIP is idle, waiting for a job, or interpreting a job. Other changes include enhancements to the Page Setup Manager, the Input Manager, and the Multiple Cassette Manager.All HighWater Torrent Plugins work with the Torrent RIP; however it is important to note the version number of the Torrent RIP to ensure compatibility with the plugins. A complete list is available from Download at the foot of this page.

Features & Benefits
Press Releases

Features and Benefits
Moiré-free colour separations.
Over 32,000 grey levels internally.
On-screen colour previewing.
Plugins available for driving a variety of output devices.
Can publish many virtual printers over the network.
Supports composite fonts.
Instant job acceptance.
Accepts pre-separated and composite files.
Consistent colour separations.
Automatic file decompression.
Sophisticated media control.
Can RIP and output simultaneously.
Handles complex jobs.
Allows the use of page features.
Helps avoid data-underrun.
Various options available including Simple Imposition, TrapPro and Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS).
Torrent Options
Watermark RIP - You can now evaluate our popular Torrent ScriptWorks-based RIP - we have got a fully-functional Torrent Watermark RIP which you can try free for a whole ninety days (it will print a watermark over all output).You can also try the following options for free:

TrapPro - allows in-RIP trapping (See separate product page).

Simple Imposition - in-RIP 2-up and 4-up automatic imposition.

• In-RIP Imposition option that is an extension of the page setup function

• Offers a starting point for many production requirements in the 2- and 4-up applications

• Automatic step and repeat fills the user defined plate with as many copies of a single page as will fit eliminating manual planning steps.

• The N-up option, in both single and 2 sided options, provides automatic media saving by ganging together as many pages from a single job as will fit on the defined sheet, improving efficiency.

• It is also ideally suited where different output devices may be used for proofing versus final output where separate imposition schemes are required.


Harlequin Dispersed Screening is Harlequins Frequency Modulation (FM) screening technology. HDS produces no moiré, has better definition than conventional screening, and registration is less critical. HDS also has a visually pleasing screen structure and is generally more printable than other FM screens. HDS is intended for use with a wide range of printing processes.


Harlequin Chain Screening (HCS) uses a long ratio elliptical dot and when used for process colour separations the angles are 60 degrees apart rather than the more common 30 degrees apart. This gives an overall triangular pattern and produces a very fine rosette structure.


Harlequin Micro Screening (HMS) uses a Respi screen structure to allow greater highlight gradation even at high screen rulings. It does this by using half the nominal screen between 0 and 5 dot area, and between 95 and 100, and the nominal screen ruling between 20 and 80 dot area. Between 5 and 20, and between 80 and 95, there is a smooth transition between these two screening patterns.


The Harlequin ICC Profile Processor ColourPro lets you install and use any ICC profiles to set up colour workflows for your Torrent RIP. These ICC profiles may be produced by OEMs, third parties, or end users with third party and characterization tools. Once you have installed the ICC profiles in your system, you can use any combination of them to produce customized workflows. Torrent can also use an ICC profile embedded in an image. See download section for a PDF giving more details.


The CIP3 plugin lets Torrent produce Print Production File (PPF) files. PPF files contain information about print jobs including administrative data, information about inks and register marks, and comments and preview images, allowing the automatic pre-setting of press ink ducts on compatible presses.With this option you can use the same RIP that generates your film or plates to create CIP3 PPF files, enabling ink-keys to be set quickly and easily on the press. CIP3 file generation is as easy and automatic as generating the plates and films themselves, and using those files with your press can reduce make-ready times and wastage, and remove the need for plate scanners.


This allows you to print TIFF/IT files.

ProofReady Plugins

Allow colour-managed proofs to be output to a range of inkjet printers.

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